Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Google Drawings

If you are comfortable Microsoft Office user, you are probably comfortable with the drawing contextual tab.  It appears easy to use, you can create dynamic illustrations, but what about Google?  Google's answer is Google Drawings.  It contains similar tools to Microsoft's drawing tab.

In Google Drawings you can create in realtime and collaborate with others. You can insert shapes, images, text, arrows, scribbles and lines, tables and even WordArt.  The WordArt tool isn't as advanced as Microsoft Office, but you can accomplish a nice look through the large variety of fonts available through Google.  You can arrange and group your drawings as well.  

To create a Google Drawing, go to Google Drive, select New, select More and select Google Drawings.
From here a drawing will open and you can create a diagram, a table, paint and image or create a flow chart. 

To insert your drawing into a Google Doc, select Edit, choose Web Clipboard and select Copy Entire Drawing to Web Clipboard.  This will allow you to insert the Google Drawing onto other Google Drive applications.
To insert your drawing, go to Google Docs, click on Edit, choose Web Clipboard and click on the Drawing Name.  Take a chance, create a Google Drawing and remember...Keep Calm, Click Undo!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Google Classroom: App Update

It was about this time last year when Google announced Classroom.  Today they gave teachers the gift of a more productive Google Classroom App!  Did you notice the Google Classroom App had an update May 6th?  Using the app, teachers can now:
  • create and edit assignments
  • view, grade and return student work from your phone or tablet
  • provide private feedback to give students guidance, encouragement, constructive criticism or personalized feedback. 
  • You can create and edit assignments and make a copy for every student.
  • multiple teachers in classes can create and grade assignments
For more details, you can go the the Google Classroom support area.  As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we can all Keep Calm, Click Undo! with this new update.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Google Classroom: How to Organize Assignments Before Next Year

As the school year ends, I have been thinking about all of the content I have created in Google Classroom.  I had a few ideas and a few days ago I read a post from the impressive Alice Keeler.  If you do not follow her blog, you should!  It is wonderful and helpful.  I have copied and pasted many of my assignments into Google Docs, but never considered a numbering system.  Alice has used a numbering system for some time.  Check out her blog post here.

In Alice Keeler's blog post, Google Classroom: Assignment Naming Conventions she walks you through her process and includes screenshots.  I have re-created her lesson plan template with my own spin on it.  You can access and make a copy of my lesson plan template if you like.  Below is a sample of a complete lesson plan.  When needed, I have also included a place for vocabulary.  I tend to add it before my Procedure.
Before I archive my classes, I plan to use my keyboard shortcuts to the max and move my Google Classroom Assignments to this system.  My only regret is that I didn't read Alice Keeler's blog posts earlier this year.   Remember Keep Calm, Click Undo!