Thursday, July 23, 2015

Safe Email for Kids and Teens (Free Too!)

Tocomail is a way to offer email to your children under 13!  It is available on iOS and Google Play.  Kids get their own email address to communicate with friends and family.  There is a simplified version for younger kids as well.  Tocomail allows kids to draw a piece of artwork and send to their Grandparents, for example.
Let's talk safety.  Parents approve a contact list for your child.  You approve who can and cannot email your child.  If your child gets an email that is not on the safe list, it is quarantined until a parent approves or rejects the email.  Tocomail also filters profanity and bullying too!

Tocomail for Gmail is designed for teens.  Integrating with their own gmail account, this allows parents a way to bridge the gap.  Parents can still create a safelist of trusted contacts and parents will receive any quarantined emails to approve or reject.  The Tocomail for Gmail is a great way to teach proper communication via email and messaging.

I started my own daughter using Tocomail in third grade as a means to justify the question, "Why do I have to learn how to type?"  Instantly, she found a reason and purpose.  She communicates with grandparents, friends and her third grade teacher.  It was so kind of her teacher to ask to be on her email safelist.  It has also been a wonderful tool to teach digital citizenship and how to communicate via email.

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