Monday, August 31, 2015

Interactive Flyers & Newsletters

Tired of the same old handouts?  Want to make them engaging and interactive?  Don't have time for a fancy website?  Smore just might be for you!  I love graphic design, but as a teacher I don't always have the time to create from scratch.

Easy to Use

Smore has formatted templates or you may create from scratch using drag and drop!  Within just a few minutes, you can have a professional and stunning flyer or newsletter.  After you create your flyer, you can share it various ways from social media, email to a sharable link.  You can make your flyer public or private.  Private means that it is not indexed on Google and can only been seen if you have the address.  Even if you do not want to share digitally, you can still download and print up your Smore flyer!

Below is a Smore Flyer I made in about 10 minutes!

Free Accounts:

You can create and use a free account in Smore, you are limited to 200 emails a month and no custom backgrounds, but Smore has some really nice options for a free account.  Smore does offer a few paid accounts costing anywhere from $180 - $588 a year depending on the plan you select.  But wait!  Smore has special pricing for educators:  $59 a year!  They also include educational backgrounds to help us out with our designs in addition to the custom feature.  

You get the following with a paid educator account:

How can I use Smore?

There are endless possibilities.  I loved the quick informational flyer I sent out to fellow staff members as a follow-up to a question on technology integration.  I also created my course syllabus for all of my classes this year on Smore and placed the link on business cards from VistaPrint for each class.  I plan to insert the link of my syllabus onto my About page in Google Classroom and send it out via Remind!
With Smore, I plan to create more engaging flyers and newsletter quickly so I can Keep Calm, Click Undo!