Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back to School Google Updates

In a day or so, you should see quite a few changes to Google.  Voice Typing allows you to type in Doc without touching the keyboard.  You will be able to find Voice Typing in the Tools menu in Docs, then tap the microphone button.  Google Voice is available for more than 40 languages.  Google already has a nice help menu for Voice Typing

Brand New Look to Forms

Google has updated the look to Forms.  They have updated their themes and you can even insert your own image.  Much like the Google Classroom update, a menu is off to the right as you can see below:

See New Changes In a File

When you leave a document and come back to it later, you will be able to select "See New Changes"  and pick up where you left off.  I think this will be a real winner for collaborative assignments or group work!
Google is also launching new templates in Docs, Sheets and Slides.  

Explore in Sheets

Explore is like having your own analysts with you.  Explore will make it easier to analyze and decipher data.  It will also create charts and insights automatically.

New Extension:  Share to Classroom

With this new extension, teacher are able to push out a specific website to students in class and it opens immediately.  From my understanding, students are able to push websites to the teacher for review and in turn can push out to the entire class.  I do like the idea of saving time while students type in a specific URL and can focus more on the content we are learning especially for my students who struggle and my English Language Learners!

Don't be too surprised with all of the updates and changes coming to you over the next few weeks.  In the end, Google wants to make our school year as smooth as possible.  Remember, Keep Calm, Click Undo!