Sunday, November 29, 2015

STEAM Wish List

Around this time of year various wish lists are abundant for many.  A few weeks ago, I was showing my students what is available and boy did their eyes get big!  After creating a list for a student and their family, why not turn it into a blog post for others?

It is the ultimate invention toolbox!  There are instructions for 12 different projects.  It is a “tech’ version of a lego!  There are many different kits you may choose in addition to this one.

Computer and Coding Kit that includes the affordable Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.  Students can make their own computer.  Raspberry Pi is known for making coding affordable and available to everyone! GREAT place to start!

If your student is interested in animation, this is a great place to start.  You will need the Easy Animator Studio App for students to make their own animations!

Ideal for students who want to program a robot using an app.  May be better suited for grades 3-6, but older students may enjoy it!  Students can program the robots to do many things and even interact with the world using sensors.

This is an app-enabled robotic ball with endless possibilities.  Through play, students learn principles of programming and other STEAM concepts!  If they are excited about Star Wars, Sphero came out with a Sphero BB-8 App-enabled Robot too!

Makey Makey - An Invention Kit for Everyone
This is a wonderful STEAM ‘toy’ that you can turn items like bananas into touchpads.  You student could use Makey Makey with some of the other products on this list as well!

There are MANY different kits and even a junior kit for younger students in elementary.  

A throwback to the 80’s but with a major update! This View-Master works with a smart device!  It is an affordable way to enter the world of Virtual Reality! You can see 360-degree environments. It also works with Google Cardboard (FREE). They do have experience packs or you can download the View-Master VR apps.

3D Printer (Polar 3D)

This is an expensive one for sure, but I added it to the list because more and more students are interested.  3D printers are expensive, but in January of 2015, Polar 3D launched.  Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, they offer a personal 3D printer at a more affordable price ($599 for schools and $799 for individuals).  It also has a 1080P wide angle HD camera so you can remote view print jobs!  You can control and view your printer via the web/cloud.

Whether you are looking for items for a personal purchase or for your class, enjoy creating a STEAM playground or your own Makerspace!