Saturday, May 14, 2016

Show What You Know: End of the Year Project

Now that my 8th-grade students have acquired an amazing amount of skills using technology, I decided to switch up they way we end our year.  For their final project, I want to give them choice and freedom to create.  I saw a social media post last fall by Lisa Highfill about a hyperdoc she created called "Show What You Know."  Upon investigating, I discovered her awesome website!  

I decided to use this format and tweak it to fit my 8th-grade students.  Most of the choices review technology skills we have already used like Green Screen by Do Ink, Scratch, We Video and Wix.  I also included some news tools that I believe my students could explore and create with independently.
Select this LINK and make a copy for yourself!
One important item I added was the #Let Me Take a Selfie Video Project a colleague learned about at our state technology conference in 2015.  I re-designed and slightly adjusted the assignment into a hyperdoc and added to this bingo card.  This is a really fun assignment.  It also adds more guidance and structure for students who prefer a choice like this.

My students seem really excited to have variety, choice, and freedom to create!  I cannot wait to see what they create!