Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Google Classroom Refresh: Where is the About Tab?

With a significant update to Google Classroom, one thing missing is the About tab.  I liked having the About tab and used is as a resource area for students.  I places links to my course syllabi, finished early choices, links to important external website, etc.  After thinking outside the box, I came up with a way to still have the same resources as before, just in different locations with the refreshed Google Classroom.


Even though the traditional About tab is now gone, you can still access an About area.  It is located in the Stream tab.  If you select About, you can edit an area to include the course description, for example.  Some have included links to items as well.  You will also notice the Class Code and the option to display the code in a projected screen.  To edit this area, you have to select the Widget.

Course Description in About


I add additional information for students to have as reference throughout the year.  With the original About tab gone, I utilized the Topics feature in the new Classwork tab.  I created an About/Resource Topic.  Next I added links, docs, forms, and other information as an Assignment.  I set the assignment with No Due Date and Ungraded.  Students can select the About topic for information needed throughout the year for any necessary resources.  

Since I created assignments, I plan to have students 'click around' the updated Google Classroom and Mark as Done each of the assignments listed in the About/Resources topic.

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