Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saved Drafts in Google Classroom

Saved Drafts!

     As a teacher, I love Google Classroom.  I used Moodle until the launch of Classroom this year.  I think Moodle is great, just not for my use.  What I like best about Google Classroom is how easy it is for my 6th - 8th grade students can quickly "upload" or as Google says - "Turn In" their assignments.  For about 90% of the time it is a simple click of the mouse, students get real-time feedback that it was submitted and it is updated in my account in real-time too! That is it!  Using Moodle, it was a entire class period, about 15 clicks and 4 pages of screenshot directions for the students and I had to constantly refresh to pull the information through.  Many times, the process had to be repeated for a student.

   As I dig into Google Classroom more, one frustration I had was being able to load an announcement or assignment while prepping and on the day of use being able to post it or set a date and time to post...well with Tuesday's updates we now have it!  You can create an announcement or assignment and it will autosave and place into draft mode!

     From the image above, I entered an assignment with a document photocopied out to students and a reference sheet.  I now have a choice to assign or save daft.  Google Classroom will by default save as a draft, but you can select if it makes you feel better!

     In your Stream Tab, you will now see a Draft area.  When you select the more arrow, it will expand to display the items you have been working on!
     From here you can choose to select the X to delete or choose to "assign" it to your students.

     Overall, I am very happy with this update, but I would have liked the ability to "assign" from the draft mode to specific sections of classes.  I teach on a block schedule and would like to assign on different days.  As of now, once you assign out of draft mode, it assigns every class you set this up for.  If I want to assign on separate days, I have to set up the assignment for each day of classes separately.  It would also be nice to have a date and time to "assign" from draft mode so that the assignment posts in the stream automatically instead of clicking the assignment myself. 

     Even though draft mode has a ways to go, I am so pleased with the update.  Considering a year ago Google Classroom was only an announcement to us, it has come a long way in a short amount of time.

     I hope you enjoy this tip and remember to Keep Calm, Click Undo!


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