Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Broadcast a URL!

Have you ever sat next to someone and want them to get to the same web page as you?  Do you go through the 'directions' click here, no on the blue thingy, then look down and click here and so on until you get frustrated and you haven't even gotten to the web page yet?  Well, try Google Tone found in the Chrome Web Store!  I was shown this at the CUE Rockstar Camp I attended and thought of a ton of times this would have come in handy with fellow teachers, struggling students and entire classes! Check out this video:
I found that by afternoon many of us in the same session were shouting out "Send a Tone" and in seconds we were all on the same webpage.  I am going to use this with students, but will have to give my middle school students a few minutes to play with it....just like I did when I first discovered it! 

 Take a moment and add the Google Tone Extension.  Keep Calm, Click Undo!

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