Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Best Bag Ever!

I needed a new bag to carry all of my tech gear.  I discovered the Baggallini Alfa Laptop Tote.  

The bag only weighs 2 pounds 1 ounce!  I can carry my MacBook, iPad and iPhone with plenty of room for cords and accessories!  The bag also has spots for cards and a coin purse with additional space for papers or files.  It has a straps for the shoulder, a removable cross body strap and a luggage access zipper.  I really like the versatility and the ability to leave a purse at home reducing the number of bags to carry.     

There are a lot of fancy gadgets to keep your cords organized, but I decided to purchase the Velcro One-Wrap Ties to keep my cords organized in my bag.  They cost a little more than $3 for a pack of 5 wraps!  

I purchased my bag from ebags on sale!  You can also find the Alfa Tote on Amazon and it does come in a variety of colors: Black/Tan, Charcoal/Fuschia, Mulberry and Pewter/Cheetah.  I personally own the Charcoal with Fuschia on the inside.  The bright color really helps me see and find what I need in the very bottom of my bag!


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