Thursday, August 27, 2015

Web-Based Storytelling for Students

I remember when I was in 5th grade long ago, we focused on the writing process and created our own picture book.  My story was titled Kasey the Koala.  As a student, reading and writing was not my most favorite areas of learning.  I loved writing my own picture book and sharing it with parents as a special evening event.  It was a memorable engaging project for me!  With all of the new technology out there, we can amp up this project using Storybird.  

What is Storybird?

Storybird describes their website as "A platform for writers, readers and artists of all ages."  It is a web-based platform that works on ANY device with any curriculum!  Students can write their own picture books, longform stories and poetry.  Storybird also has artist-created illustrations students can use in their books.  

See Example Below:

Curriculum and Technology Integration

Storybird will align to any standards and district curriculum and gives educators the opportunity to integrate digital citizenship and appropriate social online interactions.  With an educator account, social online communication is kept safe within the teacher-created class and  work is easy for educators to view, monitor and facilitate.  

Storybird as a Fundraiser

As a parent, I would love to purchase my child's book that was created on Storybird.  Why not make it a fundraiser?  Parents can purchase their child's creation and in-turn Storybird will donate 30% of the sales back to the educators! As a parent and educator, it is a win all around!  I purchase a keepsake of my child's creative work and educators can use Storybird for free and earn funds for school needs.  Who wouldn't want a printed book of their child's work?

Big Bonus for Education!
The best part is Storybird recently made their accounts FREE, yes FREE to educators!  I encourage my colleagues to give Storybird a try from an adult who was one of those reluctant readers and writers!  

An extra bonus:  My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I wrote this post and asked, "Can I try this?"  This is a BIG bonus as a parent.  During her last weeks of Summer vacation and she wants to write her own stories!  Thank you Storybird!

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