Monday, September 7, 2015

Share to Classroom Extension

You can add the Share to Classroom Chrome extension to share web content to your classes in three ways:  Push to Students, Make Announcement or Create Assignment.  The one item to remember is that your students and/or co-teacher must have the extension as well in order to share content with them.

Push to Students

Found a website that you want your class to go to?  Don't want to waste time with detailed directions?  You can push the website out to your students making class more interactive and saving time.  Once you push a website out, it will appear in all active students and co-teacher in the class.

Make Announcement

Found a great resource to share out with your class?  You can make an announcement to your class as well.  For now, it appears you can only post an announcement to one class at a time, but you can save it as a draft.

Create Assignment

Similar to Make Announcement.  You can only post to one class at a time, but you can save as a draft.

To view websites that were recently shared:

The one concern I have is all of the notification I will receive when students push a website to me.  You can mute this notification!  You have to open the notifications centers and uncheck the box!

To find the notification center:
  • Chrome OS: Press ALT+SHIFT+N
  • Windows Users: In the bottom right corner of your screen, click to up arrow, then click the notification bell icon.
  • Mac Users: At the top of your screen in the menu bar, click the notification bell icon. 
Next, click settings or the gear or wheel. Lastly, uncheck the box next to Share to Classroom.

The good news:  While you have muted the notifications, you can still see the pages shared by students to you by clicking Received from Students.