Friday, April 7, 2017

Google Slides: Insert Video from Drive!

Many districts restrict usage of YouTube.  This has been a real challenge when working in Google Slides.  Until recently, you could only embed videos from YouTube.  Now, you can embed videos from  your Google Drive into Google Slides!

Step 1:  Insert Menu & Select Video

Step 2: Choose Google Drive

Step 3: Select Video & Insert

Your slide should look similar to the image below with an embedded image of the video.  When you switch to presentation mode, you will be able to play the video.

Some of you may have the question, "How do I convert a video to an MP4?"  Here is a link to a video to help you out.  As always, make sure you cite your sources in your work.  After you convert the video, upload it to Google Drive and turn the link sharing on.  I personally set most of my videos to "anyone with the link can view" unless it is of students.

I am very happy about this update!  Bravo Google!